Having worked on a number of WordPress websites which needed to translated we having been trying to find the best plugin to use and solve a popular dilemma: ‘is there a plugin which can automatically translate your content into a different language?’.

WPML – WordPress Multilingual Plugin

This is by far the most popular plugin to create a multilingual WordPress website. Once the plugin has been installed onto your WordPress website you can request that a chosen page is translated. For your written content to be translated you need to pay a local translator for a fee per word. WPML does not automatically translate your WordPress website.

Codestyling Localization

A very good free WordPress plugin which allows you to translate the core of WordPress to a different language automatically. Unfortunately it does not translate your written content automatically.


We have not had the opportunity to use Qtranslate as of yet however it is extremely popular! It is best used with a multisite and as with WPML you will need to pay a local translator to translate your written content.

Google Translate

Google translate is a useful option, firstly because it is free to use and secondly because it is easy to implement into your WordPress website. By installing the Google translate plugin, your WordPress website has the power to be translated into any major language. The only downside is the translations are not 100% accurate. If however you are on a budget and you have limited developer knowledge, this is a great option.

Do any of these plugins automatically translate my WordPress website?

The closest plugin which will automatically translate your WordPress website is Google translate however it is not accurate. If you are running a professional website where it is imperative that your website is translated perfect we suggest you use WordPress Multilingual Plugin.

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