Over the years, similar to many of our clients, we have amassed a nice collection of domain names. Whether these are for a new idea or they might have been purchased to supplement your main website. We have purchased many ‘optimised’ domain names with the idea of creating a separate website advertising our services focusing on a particular area.

An example of this is we purchased the domain ‘webdesignguildford.co.uk’ in December 2014. In the following 6 weeks we picked up a number of different domain names which we hoped would pick up further traffic which Cude Design may have been missing.

8 months on and ‘webdesignguildford.co.uk’ is still not finished and is currently sitting on page 10 of Google for ‘Web Design Guildford’. It has made us ask ourselves ‘Does my business need more than one website to advertise our services?’.

After much consideration and time spent building ‘webdesignguildford.co.uk’ we have come to the belief that the time and effort spent is misplacedy.

Key points to consider

Point 1Firstly, each ‘satellite website’ (this is what they are called) will need unique content. This will take a considerable amount of time if you are to do it yourself or will cost you a fee to find a content writer. We believe this money would be spent better marketing your current website than working on a website with no reputation or traffic.

Are you updating the blog on your current website? If not this money should be spent ensuring you have at least one new blog post per week.

Point 2Your new website will need to be designed and developed. You are effectively building a new business from scratch to direct new users to your main business. Again it would be a better idea being reinvested into your main website. Great ways to invest might be to create a new promotional video or do you have your social media accounts set up matching with your brand identity?

Point 3Remember how hard it was to get traffic to your parent website when you first started? You will have to do this all over again with each new ‘satellite website’. This may include managing a new social media account or updating the portfolio, blog or prices of products.


To reap the rewards of creating a satellite website it will take many months, effort and possible funding. Just think what you could do to improve your own website with the same amount of energy and investment.

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