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In April I decided to return to Javea for a 5 day coliving/coworking experience. Having lived in Javea for three years and being unaware of the location independent movement, I never knew I lived only a stones throw away from Sun and Co, based in Javea’s Old Town.

Having met Jon on my previous coworking trip in January to Fuerteventura I made sure to come back to Javea and experience Sun and Co. Located just over an hours drive away from Alicante it is easy to get to and is an ideal spot for working while experiencing some of the best weather in Europe.

Once landed and on the coach travelling to Sun and Co I was added to a Facebook Messenger Group chat with the rest of the house mates. This is an excellent way to keep other coworkers informed of plans and allows even the shyest individual to easily invite everyone for a drink or a walk. It also becomes a great tool to ensure you can put names to faces while in conversations if you are as bad at remembering names like me!

I arrived on the same day as Elisa ( and a group dinner was arranged whereby we went to buy ingredients to cook with one another. The evening was spent cooking tortilla and drinking red wine. This was an excellent introduction to the house and allowed the pair of us to integrate seamlessly with the current remote workers who had been at Sun and Co for a number of weeks


Sun and Co is a spacious building with a tonne of light which I found to be a great place to be productive. The ground floor consists of a large working area combined with a spacious, open planned kitchen. Running the length of this space are full length windows which double up as a schedule for the week. This includes upcoming mastermind sessions, outdoor adventures, skill shares and dinners for the upcoming 7 days.

Facebook Messenger and the windows with the written schedule are a great way to plan a week of not only working but also networking, socialising and exploring the local area.

Throughout the week you will meet the hosts (Anita, Jon and Hayley) who do a great job to ensure everything is running smoothly. On Monday’s a ‘Family Meeting’ is organised where any suggestions can be put forward for trips that co-livers would like to participate in.

Sun and Co is ideally located in the heart of Javea’s old town. With a number of great restaurants only around the corner, in particular La Cajita, it is also easy to make your way to one of the many picturesque beaches in Javea.
My 5 day stay flew by and I met some really nice people who are up to some really great stuff within the remote work industry. As a regular visitor to Javea, it is guaranteed I will be back again to spend some time at this awesome location.


Elisa Martínez Zancajo –
Margo Stoney – High Mountain Creative

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