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You want to build your brand, nurture new leads, and make sure your customers know about your great new products. However, CBD oil businesses can find some trouble getting past the stigma that’s unfortunately (and unnecessarily) attached to them due to their association with marijuana. This lends some unique challenges not found in other industries, especially when it comes to marketing.

Social media can be a hugely powerful marketing tool, and one of the best ways to leverage it is through Facebook Ads. These ads pop up on the home feed of targeted Facebook users, displaying your copy, image and videos in an easily noticeable format. But before you go planning your perfect Facebook ads, you need to ask whether you’re allowed to advertise on the platform in the first place.

How To Advertise CBD Oil Using Facebook Ads

While both Google Adwords and Facebook Ads deem advertising CBD Oil against their terms and conditions, Facebook does seem to be possible. Recently, several brands have begun appearing on my Facebook wall. The most common CBD Brands which are openly advertising on Facebook Ads are Pure Sport CBD, OTO and Naturecan.

I would recommend you visit one of these websites and then keep your eyes peeled for one of their retargeting ads when you are next on Facebook or Instagram. When you do see one of their ads, click on the ad and make a note of the website it takes you to. Pure Sport CBD is an excellent example and they are really smashing it with their social media advertising campaign.

To get around the issue of Facebook not accepting CBD websites, these brands are creating a second website with limited to no mention of CBD. For example, Pure Sport CBD, if you click on their Facebook Ad, instead of going to their parent website you are taken to a second website, Not only have they removed the term ‘CBD’ from their domain name, but the written content on this landing page makes no mention of the term CBD.

Now Pure Sport CBD is a particular case, as, on this landing page, the links to the products do, in fact, go back to their parent website, which references CBD. I am assuming that Pure Sport has become a relatively large brand with over 1000 reviews on Trust Pilot. If you are looking to test this technique of setting up a second website, to begin with, I would strongly recommend not linking back to your parent website, which references CBD oil.

We have also tested the same technique; our parent website is, so we are severely hampered by the domain name. We have now set up a second website with a handful of products with no mention of the term CBD anywhere on the website.

Key points:

* We do not link to any CBD websites
* None of the images has the term CBD in their filename
* And we haven’t used the term CBD in any of the Alt tags which describe the images

Once you have your second website up and running, it is time to create your first Facebook Ad. While your website should be safe to advertise on Facebook, you will still need to be creative. Imagery or reference to CBD in your Ad will usually be flagged and the Ad will not be approved. For example, one white label brand I saw advertising replaced the letter ‘B in the term CBD with an emoji of a honeybee.

Is Google Adwords An Option To Advertise CBD Oil?

While Facebook Ads could be a possibility with some further work, Google Adwords is more complicated. Occasionally, I have seen a number of CBD brands advertise using Google Adwords, however, this is very periodically and nowhere near as consistent as Facebook Ads.

The primary way this has been achieved is similar to the way Pure Sport has achieved this with Facebook Ads. However, instead of removing any reference to CBD in the Ad, the main difference is that products are marketed and renamed as hemp seed oil. This I find slightly misleading as hemp seed oil and CBD oil are two different products.

Links from the ad then lead to a creative landing page in its wording, often referring to hemp seed oil.

Such a strategy doesn’t last for too long either, and Google is quick to take down your ads after a couple of weeks. You may end up running the risk of banning your account or your card details, which in turn would make it challenging to create a new Adwords account for future campaigns.

While I have seen this technique over the past 12 months, I haven’t done so most recently. The time and effort to create an ad, only for it to be taken down again in a matter of weeks, takes a lot of time and effort. For me personally, this time would be better spent creating a community on social media around your CBD brand or creating engaging content for your website, which will continually drive traffic.

For this reason, I wouldn’t recommend trying to drive traffic using Google Adwords; however, I think Facebook Ads is undoubtedly worth a shot; several other brands are continually advertising and having some success.

Alternative Ways To Promote Your CBD Oil Website

You might not be able to advertise CBD products with the help of Google AdWords, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use the internet to your advantage. Cude Design is a specialist digital marketing agency with expertise and experience in helping CBD oil brands foster traffic and lead growth online. We know both the methods available to you as well as the restrictions on CBD oil marketing, so you can ensure you’re taking an approach that’s both legally compliant and effective with us. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help.

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