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The Nielsen Global Trust Advertising Report pointed that 83% of the online respondents from 60 countries claimed to trust the recommendations of friends and family. So, it won’t be wrong to say that the most reliable advertising and marketing are driven straight by the people we know.

What is Social Proof?

Social proof is the notion that human tendency is to follow in the footsteps and the actions of others. A renowned psychologist Robert Cialdini, explains that an individual is most likely to end up replicating the actions of others when they are clueless about a situation.

Now in the context of marketing, the concept implies that any individual will purchase what others purchase and the most effective marketing strategy. After all, it validates the worth of a service or a product.

There are primarily five types of social proof.

  • Expert social proof
  • Celebrity social proof
  • User social proof
  • Wisdom of the crowd
  • Knowledge of friends and family

10 Ways To Integrate Social Proof In CBD Marketing

Okay, so you have got the grasp of Social Proof.

Up next, you are eager to know how to go about and incorporate the tactics in your newfound CBD venture.


Of course, this one was bound to top the list. A recent study conducted in the UK pointed that eight out of 10 Millennials never buy anything without first reading a review.

Therefore, CBD Companies must tactfully display the testimonials on their website and social media pages. These are highly compelling, given their inherent objectivity. When an outsider validates your cannabis oil, the audience will naturally perceive it as more credible. Isn’t it?

Ratings and Reviews

Given the stigmatization surrounding cannabis, reviews and ratings are the most convincing way to authenticate CBD products in the eyes of potential buyers. For instance, Apothem Labs, a premium UK CBD shop, has attached a direct link of Trustpilot on their homepage for the visitors to open and read the reviews directly.

Another prestigious company, Flawless CBD has shared customer reviews from Trustpilot on their homepage.

Endorsements from influencers

Commonly referred to as Influencer Marketing, it can significantly increase your brand reach and is one of the best strategies for organic growth. Just think about it: a well-known and respected personality endorsing your CBD extract or capsule. So, it is bound to make an impact and stir hype among the followers.
How about you have a look at some of the CBD Influencer Profiles on Instagram? They are the most effective in the arena of social proofing, having inspired millions and millions of people. For instance, Dr Michele Ross, a Neuroscientist, a tv star, and an author with over 14,000 followers on Instagram and over 73,000 on Twitter, has impacted more than 105K followers.

Media logos

Associate your brand or win recognition from another popular media station. And tadaa see the magic! For example, Vibe CBD and several others have tactfully embedded the logos of these accredited third-party news outlets. Likewise, Another top-selling UK brand, Blessed CBD has incorporated an “as seen on” section on their homepage with logos and recommendations of MAXIM, Reader’s digest, Manchester Evening News, DAILY express, Daily Record , Birmingham Live, Men’s journal, High Times and Daily Mirror.

Customer-focused Stories

Customer success stories are an incredible tool to exhibit that your CBD Strains are worth the hype. Request regular customers to share their stories of how the miraculous CBD changed their lives in times of pain or distress. It is also worth mentioning that such stories are laden with SE0-rich content- thereby increasing the SEO ranking of the site.

Person-focused photos

How often you come across a video, review, testimonial, or endorsement and ignore, thinking it as fake or sham? Now, what if the review is associated with an accurate picture of the reviewer? Sounds incredibly genuine. How about you gauge the difference between the two pics yourself?

Building trust is the key in the cannabis space owing to its controversial status. Therefore, it only makes sense to associate customer opinions with an actual image.

Persuasive Testimonial Videos

If you have fulfilled all the above criteria, it’s time to ponder this one seriously. Videos hold great weightage – making your product sound more reliable and trustworthy to buy.

Build a Multi-Platform Presence

Are your CBD products not yet authorized to advertise on TV or in the newspaper? So what? Devise a strategy to market it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media platforms and direct the links at the bottom of the homepage.

Reviews on Trustpilot

Trustpilot is a consumer review platform at its heart. Anyone can post a review for any business. They are just required to make an account using an email ID. Next, CBD businesses can choose to display the reviews and ratings on their website to showcase trustworthiness and reputation.

In the long run, it helps CBD brands shine out in PPC ADS, improve their SEO ranking (due to SEO content), drive on-site traffic, get more clicks, increase sales, and generate more revenue. Besides, it also helps foster customer loyalty and inculcates brand awareness. The best part is, Trustpilot has legally joined hands with Google to allow its reviews and ratings to be listed as Google Seller Ratings, or “Google Stars.” Although the company enable businesses to respond and collect reviews for free, the paid specialized marketing and analytic services are also quite popular. All these features are flexible to work with advanced tools of your site such as Shopify, Magento, or MailChimp.

Google Local or Google My Business

This is yet another viable option to freely advertise and provide social proofing when users search for “CBD Products or Shops near me”. It is more than just a business listing – allowing your company to introduce itself, exhibit its range of CBD products, feature the relevant videos, share your website’s link, display Google reviews and ratings, and highlight the location and contact details in the search results to enable customers to call or visit the store directly. This promises more leads, more conversions, a broad customer base and business expansion.

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