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This blog post has been on our to-do list for a long ass time, I am shocked to see the latest in this series was from December! But in a lot of ways, this really ties into what we have been doing over the last 7 months. This blog post is a year in review of our series on going ‘All In’ on our digital marketing with the core aim of growing.

Back in May of 2018, we had a website which was 4 years old and in serious need of upgrading. With a steady drip of continuous new clients, we continued to tread the wheel without any major growth.

We decided it was time to go big or go home… So we made a massive shift, deciding to focus our efforts on quality content creation. Our core aim for the next 12 months was to focus on creating content on as many platforms as possible and to find out just how much this would help our digital marketing agency grow. Below is the exact timeline outlining our journey over a 12-month period. Skip to the bottom if you want to see how much our traffic has picked up!

Search Impressions & Clicks – 28th May/28th June 2018
Cude Design Impression Statistics June 2018

During May of 2018, we began redesigning our current website and relaunched on 15th June 2018. With a fresh new website, we had trimmed down on a lot of content. Around this time we made a strong effort to produce a minimum of 2 great quality, value-adding blogs posts per month at a minimum of 1,000 words each. This has fluctuated throughout the year but we have tried our best to keep to this schedule.

What do we use for inspiration? Daily experiences of working with WordPress, Plugins and we often check Quora to find what questions people are asking in the web design space.

Running Facebook Ads – A Non Success

For a solid 5 months we tried our best to run Facebook Ads, create a funnel, landing pages and try to increase our website enquiries directly through the website. We learnt a lot and have gone on to run successful campaigns for current clients, however for our own online business, we never found a successful formula.

Without producing a brochure and free downloads, I think we were handicapped. Compared to Google Adwords, trying to sell a website to someone browsing Facebook is a hard sale and never worked out. Lesson learnt, moving on…

Google Adwords – Promising, Needs More Attention

We had previously had a Google Adwords account set up many years ago. Having run the account for two months, I was less than impressed with the big fat, 0 enquiries we received.

While reviewing the keywords we were receiving impressions for using Google Webmaster Tools, I decided to use this information to implement within our Google Ads. It seemed like an obvious decision to make and still believe it was the best choice. Of course, if you have a brand spanking new website, you will not have this data which is why working with an Adwords specialist is vital if you want real results.

Over a 6 month period, we had a 15 minute call with a Google Ads specialist, who makes a few tweaks to our account which did have some positive effects. Overall, we are please with how Google Adwords is running. We’ve taken the decision to run at a limited budget for now and channel our outreach efforts elsewhere. Currently the budget is set to £100 per month and this results in 30+ clicks, all related to WordPress.

There is definitely room for improvement and something we will look at working on over the coming 12 months.

Find A Niche – The CBD Industry

I am sure you have all heard this before – find your niche!

I was soo tired of hearing this and considered WordPress to be our niche. We had other fleeting interests in other niches which we believe we could appeal to such as  ‘Websites for Carpenters’ due to the poor nature of most carpentry websites.

Or the medical industry due to our experience. However neither market appealed greatly to us and due to the lack of interest, it meant we never had the heart to really put any effort in to build genuine content around these areas to drive traffic.

During December we decided to begin focusing some of our attention on the emerging CBD Industry and while doing so, we received our first enquiry for this space. This seemed like a good omen and we haven’t looked back, creating a large volume of content and experimenting with Podcasting & Vlogging.

With the growth of the CBD industry in the UK, we’re carving out a niche for ourselves as WordPress specialists with a deep understanding of the requirements of the industry. And we’re having fun while we do it – it’s a niche that is interesting to us, and there is a lot of opportunity to grow.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

With a steady increase in volume of traffic, we decided to turn our attention towards the art of Conversion Rate Optimisation. It became clear that even though our clicks had increased, this hadn’t translated into conversions, either via a phone call or an enquiry made through the contact forms of the website.

We used a number of smart tools which utlise heat and scroll maps to monitor how website visitors were using our website. Equiped with this information, we made a host of changes across the website which included some of the following:

  •  Shortening the height of the top of the page
  •  Simplifying the menu removing a number of items
  •  Ensuring call to action buttons were formatted the same throughout
  •  Removing call to action buttons which were not being used
  •  Adding news ways for website visitors to get in touch (Messenger & WhatsApp)
Conversion Rate Optimisation - Digital Marketing Agency - Cude Design
Launching Our Own Podcast

Listen to Episode 002 of The Rude Growth Podcast featuring Branzio Watches

Our podcast is in its infancy and was created to document the conversations we have throughout many industries with extremely interesting businesses and entrepreneurs. We regularly have phone calls and some amazing conversations with specialists in the industry at lunch or during our travels.

Because of this we have begun recording these conversations and we hope to bring more to our podcast ‘Rude Growth’. Relatively easily to produce and low cost, we are able to produce a 40-minute podcast and then transcribe this into an informative blog post, effectively creating two useful pieces of content at once.

While we only have 2 episodes (31.7.2019), we have another 2 episodes recorded and hope to release these during August. The biggest issue we are facing is not creating of content, but organising and publishing the content.

There’s lots of room to improve and grow here – but we’ve made a start and with the growth of podcasting popularity, this is a long-term strategy for us.

Vlogging And Our First Influencer Video

While we began to produce content for our chosen niche, we noticed a few of our articles were receiving an increased amount of impressions and clicks via Google Webmaster Tools. To help us optimise these further in hope of more exposure, we created a brief 3 minute overview video which outlined the blog post.

We split this into an additional 2 shorter videos which we again optimised. As with the written content, we received a good amount of interest and we started to accumulate a healthy number of views.

Conclusion – 1 Year Anniversary – 28th June 2019

Wow! What a year it’s been, from paid advertising campaigns with varied success on Facebook and Google, to a site redesign, regular blog content, finding a niche and expanding into podcasts, it’s been a period of explosive growth and learning for us.

We’ve stuck to our guns, kept quality high and are now reaping the rewards.


Where to from here?

We’ve learnt from our mistakes and will focusing our efforts for the next year on:

  • Expanding into the CBD design space
  • Regular podcasting
  • Fresh, useful content
  • We’ll circle back to Google Ads to give that another go…

And if you’ve made it to the end of our case study – well done! Thanks for being part of our journey – here’s to the next 12 months of growth!

Google Impressions 2019

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