Local SEO

There isn’t really much of a difference between local search engine optimization (SEO) your ‘regular’ SEO. (It’s still as time consuming and competitive!) The rules are pretty much the same, good content and quality links. But, you have to change the tactics!

Local searches and mobile searches are always increasing, it’s just a fact! It is estimated that one in three searches are from a mobile phone. Don’t forget social media, when you see a page the title will include their city, meaning people can search for things like ‘charities in Surrey’ or ‘networking in Surrey’.

Google places

‘Google places’ is a great way to get started, the account is free (never a bad thing!) and there are a bunch of videos online to help get you started if you’re not a tech wizard! Google Places has many features worth using, including tools that track actions (how many times users showed interest in your business listing), clicks for more information on things like where you are based. You can also add things to make your profile more welcoming with things such as; your images, videos, offers or whatever you like really. But just like TripAdvisor, some good ‘reviews’ will boost your business even more.

Google Places

You will need to choose a category that suits your business best. For example, if it was us, it would be no good saying we are a restaurant in Surrey. Of course we aren’t, we are a web design company in Surrey so that would be our category. Before you do, take a look at some competition, see what their profile looks like, make yours better! You can add up to five categories to describe your business, again for us we offer SEO and web design in Surrey so that’s two categories we can cover.

Local Directories

TripAdvisor, Yell and other local directories are brilliant for being found. Make sure your contact details and website are on their website, most people don’t have any contact details on things like Yell so make the most of it!

Need Help With Local SEO?

There are many things you can do to help you local SEO but if you are struggling to be found locally or just don’t have the time to manage it, give us a call. We are SEO experts and we want to help you to the first page of Google, whether it be locally or nationally we are here to help you!

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