CBD oil manufacturers and distributors face unique challenges seldom found in other industries. The association with marijuana has long been a thorn in the side of those looking to sell products that are entirely legal, even as the market continues to grow. One of those unique challenges comes in the form of how to advertise and market your products.

One of the most popular online advertising platforms is Google AdWords. It allows businesses to leverage the power of the world’s most popular search engine beyond growing organic search results. Google Ads reach not just throughout the search engine, but through their display network that can help you build leads from millions of websites across the internet. But can you use it to advertise your CBD oil products?

Am I allowed to advertise CBD oil on Google AdWords?

As it stands, PPC CBD ads on Google AdWords are currently not allowed. The search engine giant has rules about “dangerous products” on their platform that do not strictly follow the same criteria as what is legal or approved by health and industry regulatory bodies. Cannabidiol (CBD) is listed by them amongst their “unapproved pharmaceuticals and supplements.”

For that reason, Google AdWords cannot be used to promote CBD products or any products that contain CBD. It doesn’t matter if your product fits the legal standards of having less than 0.4% THC content, Google still won’t allow it.

Naturally, this creates a whole new challenge for CBD brands online. They can’t use the most effective and widespread marketing platforms available on the internet. With no paid search ads or ads through the Google Display network, you have to work for your qualified traffic and leads conversion process.

How do I market CBD oil instead?

Google AdWords might not help you sell CBD products, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to do it. It’s still worth setting up a no-risk ecommerce website using platforms such as Woocommerce and WordPress, there are no rules against that. From there, you can build an organic marketing strategy. Writing content about the different products available and their uses (provided you understand the guidelines we explore below) can help.

At Cude Design, we can help you build a website for your CBD oil business that’s easy to use, easy to update, and built for SEO and conversion rate optimisation. We can even help you set up accounts that allow you to create a business bank account, register a bank card and accept payments online through our partnerships

Well-written content, excellent site design, and link building techniques can help you build a search engine optimisation strategy that encourages more organic traffic to come to your website. Influencer marketing and press releases can also help you build some buzz around your product by word of mouth since you can’t advertise it directly through Google ads.

There are also some CBD oil-friendly ad networks and platforms on the internet that may be worth taking a closer look at. Unfortunately, none of them have quite the reach that Google AdWords does but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be used to your advantage.

Make sure you always follow the guidelines on CBD advertising and marketing
It doesn’t matter where or how you do it, you must always follow the legal guidelines on how you market or promote your CBD oil products. Most important in particular is that you aren’t currently allowed to make any reference to potential health benefits of CBD oil products or health uses for CBD oil, even claims that can be substantiated through research.

When looking at examples of CBD marketing online, you might see some businesses, particularly those in the US, publishing substantiated claims, but that’s because they have different regulations on how CBD can be promoted and sold. In general, UK businesses selling CBD oil should avoid talking about health, wellness, or specific benefits of CBD products.

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Want help with your CBD oil marketing?

You might not be able to advertise CBD products with the help of Google AdWords, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use the internet to your advantage. Cude Design is a specialist digital marketing agency with expertise and experience in helping CBD oil brands foster traffic and lead growth online. We know both the methods available to you as well as the restrictions on CBD oil marketing, so you can ensure you’re taking an approach that’s both legally compliant and effective with us. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help.

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