You want to build your brand, nurture new leads, and make sure your customers know about your great new products. However, CBD oil businesses can find some trouble getting past the stigma that’s unfortunately (and unnecessarily) attached to them due to their association with marijuana. This lends some unique challenges not found in other industries, especially when it comes to marketing.

Social media can be a hugely powerful marketing tool, and one of the best ways to leverage it is through Facebook Ads. These ads pop up on the home feed of targeted Facebook users, displaying your copy, image and videos in an easily noticeable format. But before you go planning your perfect Facebook ads, you need to ask whether you’re allowed to advertise on the platform in the first place.

Am I allowed to advertise CBD oil on Facebook Ads?

Unfortunately, Facebook’s ad policies do not currently allow for PPC CBD advertising on their website, at the moment. This is part of its policy against any drug-related products, even if those products are entirely compliant with regulations set up by the watchdogs of the industry that they’re a part of. Your CBD products may be entirely legal and legit, but Facebook simply doesn’t care.

Others argue that there are ways to get around the ban on advertising CBD products on Facebook. Some suggest writing a blog post that redirects to your website or advertising medical assistance related to CBD. However, promoting CBD in a medical context is not allowed in the UK at all and none of these other tactics can be vouched for. You could risk losing your Facebook Ads account completely by trying to advertise around the policy instead of through it.

As such, CBD oil manufacturers and distributors face a challenge that many other brands simply don’t. Facebook ads are a truly effective platform for reaching the social media network’s millions of users. Even if you have the ad budget for it, you can’t use it. So, what other ways can you market your business instead?

How do I market CBD oil instead?

Without Facebook Ads to support your marketing campaign, you need to look at other marketing methods. Google AdWords doesn’t work either, unfortunately, so you may mostly have to rely on organic marketing methods. These are the methods that don’t use paid advertising but set up your brand so it’s much easier for interested customers to find.

At the heart of your organic marketing strategy is your website. Building an ecommerce website for your brand using platforms like Woocommerce and WordPress isn’t breaking any rules. Besides selling your products there, it’s a great place to set up a blog, from which you can write helpful, authoritative content that answers the questions most likely to be on your customer’s minds. When you do that, you convince them that you’re also likely to be a reliable business to shop with.

SEO is another good way to leverage a professionally designed website to market your business. While Google might not allow PPC CBD ads, they won’t block your website from search results. As such, improving your SEO score by making sure your site is reliable, fast, accessible, and secure and by writing good content can help many more customers find you.

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Make sure you always follow the guidelines on CBD advertising and marketing

Regardless of what method or channel you use to get your CBD oil brand out there, make sure you do it within the legal guidelines set out. In particular, it’s not allowed in the UK to promote or advertise CBD oil in relation to its potential health benefits or healthcare usage.

Want help with your CBD oil marketing?

You might not be able to advertise CBD products with the help of Google AdWords, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use the internet to your advantage. Cude Design is a specialist digital marketing agency with expertise and experience in helping CBD oil brands foster traffic and lead growth online. We know both the methods available to you as well as the restrictions on CBD oil marketing, so you can ensure you’re taking an approach that’s both legally compliant and effective with us. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help.
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