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WooCommerce is a free plugin for WordPress websites that can transform websites into a customizable eCommerce store. It was released by WooThemes in 2011 and developed specifically to work with WordPress. For those who want their WooCommerce stores to perform their best, they will need a few plugins. Since there are hundreds of plugins to choose from, this article will introduce the top five WooCommerce plugins you must have.


AutomateWoo allows you to enhance the workflow of your eCommerce platform. In addition, it offers automated marketing features, which lets you retain and convert customers efficiently. Some of the critical elements of AutomateWoo are- abandoned cart reminders, subscriptions automation, SMS notification, and personalized coupons.

One thing that makes AutomateWoo stand apart from the rest of the similar plugins is its ability to integrate with WooCommerce Membership and Subscriptions smoothly. Moreover, it’s a self-hosted plugin. You need to pay only for one single license instead of a monthly price, which most plugins will ask you to do. It also has a referral upgrade feature and can help you increase the organic sales of your online store.

Related Product for WooCommerce

Another good plugin that you can try is Related Product for WooCommerce. As the name suggests, it helps you display related products on every page of your online store. It works by considering the current product attributes, product tags, and product category and accordingly segregates the products to display them on related pages. This is an ideal plugin to help your online store present relevant products that you want to show.

Many customers leave an eCommerce site if they fail to see any relevance between the page type and the products shown. This is the primary reason why so many eCommerce websites have a tremendous bounce rate. However, Related Product for WooCommerce will take care of that efficiently. Once visitors visit your WooCommerce platform, they will see alternative products of the same product they are currently viewing. This way, the customer will spend more time on your eCommerce site.

Cart Upsell for WooCommerce

Upsell is crucial to consider for eCommerce stores. Online stores always want ways to increase their revenue. Thinking this, you can try Cart Upsell for WooCommerce, which shows relevant products during the order process so that customers feel inclined to click on that product. So, the way this plugin will work is that it will work as an upsell feature on the cart page. However, this feature will not interrupt the buyer because similar products will only be shown as recommendations.

Cart Upsell for WooCommerce will upsell products based on the related product categories, cart totals, and products. It will compare product categories and the relevant products to show related products. Cart Upsell for WooCommerce can help you improve our order value as it displays the most appropriate product. So, when a customer explores the range of products, Cart Upsell for WooCommerce starts monitoring it and shows related items when they reach the checkout page to do upsell.

WooCommerce Points and Rewards

Customers always look for additional bonuses when they choose an eCommerce store to shop online. One way to attract customers and make them stay with you is through points and rewards. If you want your customers to be rewarded with points and rewards, try WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin. You can decide how many points a customer should receive for spending a specific amount of dollar. After accumulating enough points, customers can redeem them as a discounted amount. In addition, the plugin will display how much to spend to earn a particular number of issues.

You will be able to define how many points one can earn, how much money one will have to spend to achieve a set number of points & decide the maximum amount of discount one can make. You can also award points to new customers who sign up; if you want, you can offer points to previous customers and encourage them to shop more, etc. These are the features that WooCommerce Points and Rewards will come along with. It will also offer you a Manage Page where you can update the points balance.

WooCommerce Subscriptions

Some customers buy the same thing again and again. To help them have a better shopping experience, why not try the WooCommerce Subscriptions? This plugin will allow your customers to subscribe to products they buy every month, every three months, or six months. This way, you will have a good flow of money and not have to worry whether the customer will buy from you or not. In addition, the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin can help you introduce multiple plugins to both virtual and physical products.
You can create a yearly software billing package, weekly service subscriptions, or monthly subscriptions. Some of the features of WooCommerce Subscriptions are:

  • arrange multiple billing schedules
  • integration with more than 25 payment gateways
  • set a manual renewal payment
  • automatic rebilling-allowing customers to manage their chosen plan accordingly and downgrade or upgrade anytime they want
  • add renewal notifications
  • detailed reports of each subscription.

Bottom Line

These are the top WooCommerce plugins that one should go for. Each plugin has a different purpose of solving, but they help you improve your WooCommerce store. The last plugin, WooCommerce Subscription, is beneficial if you have customers who return to your site often to buy the exact product/products repeatedly. Enabling a subscription plan that suits your customers will not have to click on the buy option every week or month frequently.

The product will be purchased as per the subscription plan and sent to the customers’ addresses. This way, the revenue flow will be intact. Many online stores have started leveraging the subscription plan because it brings them profit and allows them to engage with their customers better. One such eCommerce company that is using the WooCommerce subscriptions plugin is fourfive. It’s a company that sells CBD oil, capsules, cream and balms, and much more. If you also have recurring customers, the subscription plugin is a must-have.

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