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Medical marijuana, cannabis edibles and CBD oils are a booming market; however, due to the local regulations in the cannabis industry, setting up an e-commerce store with the CBD theme is a complex task. Read on to know how you can set up a marijuana medical store with some free themes.

Choose the right marijuana theme to start your cannabis shop

Even with CBD legalised in many western countries, the major payment gateways are hesitant to cooperate due to the nature of the product. This can make it hard to understand how to set up your online cannabis shop to sell CBD Oil or other products related to Cannabis. However, don’t worry, as we are here to help you!

Using a CBD WordPress theme to set up an online store is one of the best methods to keep costs down. And the best part is very little coding knowledge is required to create the best CBD and cannabis shop. While some themes offer lifetime free updates, receiving updates and support for the first six months of purchase is a common practice.

As with any business start-up, keeping costs low is often the greatest challenge; the same holds true when launching your own medical marijuana dispensary. The good news is, with WordPress, we offer two solutions: a premium theme or a bespoke build.

Here, you can read a previous post explaining the difference between the pair: When Should I Choose A Bespoke WordPress Website Over Using A Premium Theme?

The premium theme option is easy and could be perfect for you if you want to keep your costs low and don’t have coding skills. The majority of CBD themes include several standard features or premium plugins. These may include:

  • Slider Revolution
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Back-to-top button
  • Sticky header
  • Optional age verification
  • Drop page builder

This article will review the best CBD WordPress themes available on the market for your Cannabis, CBD Oil or Marijuana Dispensary website.

JointUp – Medical Marijuana Dispensary & CBD Oil WordPress Theme

On first impressions, we love the aesthetics of the JointUp – CBD WordPress theme! JointUp uses a new colour scheme that moves past the standard ‘Green’ colour other companies use and are associated with Cannabis and other marijuana medical-designed websites. The result is a unique-looking design that will appeal to the younger demographic (24+ years old).

This Cannabis/CBD WordPress theme comes with three pre-built demos, which include a ‘one-click-installation’ functionality, allowing you to easily install one of your chosen demos from the JointUp theme.

WooCommerce is a WordPress extension that turns your website into an eCommerce store, and JointUp is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. You can check out the store by viewing one of the demos.

The page layouts have been built using WPBakery Page Builder (formerly visual composer); this is one if not the best page builders built for WordPress. Using the drag-and-drop functionality, you can quickly build new page layouts for your Cannabis or CBD website.

In addition, JointUp is compatible with the WPML plugin, which allows you to easily make your website multilingual, especially helpful if you wish to begin selling your Cannabis or CBD products in other countries.

View JointUp CBD WordPress Theme

Indicana – Medical Marijuana Dispensary Theme

Indicana is Medical Marijuana WordPress Theme with six pre-built demos that not only focus on people who want to set up their Cannabis/CBD store but also provide a demo if you want your Cannabis or CBD Blog.

With ‘One Click Installation’ available, it is easy to set up one of the pre-built demos and launch your Cannabis/CBD Oil website while making minor changes. Aesthetically wise, Indicana comes with some excellent illustrations that can make your website look professional.

This Cannabis/CBD WordPress theme has been designed very nicely and feels like it leans more towards the medicinal market than the JointUp WordPress theme mentioned above. Throughout the design, the elements on the page have a smooth transition effect.

As with the JointUp theme, Indicana comes with all the necessary plugins to launch your Cannabis or CBD shop. The page layouts have been built using WPBakery Page Builder. This is one, if not the best page builder built for WordPress.

You can easily build new page layouts for your medical marijuana website using the drag-and-drop functionality.

View Indicana CBD WordPress Theme

Cannaverde – Medical Marijuana & CBD Oil & Cannabis WordPress Theme

Cannaverde is one of the more recently added CBD themes to Themeforest. We love the look of this theme. Again, it is super clean and has an outstanding balance of imagery with adequate spacing. If you want to launch a Cannabis or CBD website that looks like an authority and professional, this theme is definitely for you.

Unlike many premium WordPress themes, this one is suited to use the Elementor page builder, which is becoming increasingly popular. Elementor is fast becoming the #1 drop page builder for WordPress-built websites.

Cannaverde is fully responsive for mobile devices and WooCommerce compatible, allowing you to set up your eCommerce store. The theme comes with many premium plugins, including a handy feature of an inbuilt optional age verification function and translation ready.

View Cannaverde Cannabis WordPress Theme

Cannamed – Dispensary WordPress Theme

CBD Business - Dispensary WordPress Theme

Unlike other CBD WordPress themes on this list, Cannamed does not use Elementor page builder or WP Bakery. They have integrated their powerful page builder, which works super fast.

Known for its excellent and reliable customer support, Cannamed creates in-house page builders, which are smooth and fast. The theme has a colour picker, allowing you to change colours easily. Also, you have an option to choose from many header styles.

The theme has an in-house page builder. Also, you can reuse and sync blocks. It includes three homepage layouts and online shop pages and is WooCommerce compatible. The CBD theme is compatible with all modern browsers and is fully responsive to mobile devices.

The default design of the WooCommerce store is strong, while the theme options allow you to adapt the design to your company’s branding quickly.

View Cannamed Cannabis WordPress Theme

Calmes – Medical Marijuana & Coffeeshop WordPress Theme

Coffee Shops and Medical Marijuana Dispensary WordPress Theme

Built using the Unyson framework, the Calmes CBD theme has more of a hemp feel than other themes on this list which tend to lean towards medical marijuana. Calmes offers Elementor and WooCommerce integration, with four homepage layouts.

The theme allows you to use parallax effects, which will make your website stand out and get automatic updates. You can also make your website in your favourite colour as you will get a huge choice of colours. Calmes is SEO optimized and is compatible with all modern browsers.

The theme contains everything you need to create an outstanding medical marijuana store online and allows you to sell everything from cannabis edibles to marijuana rolls without coding skills. Everything is well documented, and you get a powerful admin interface.

The design of Calmes is certainly more hemp CBD, as opposed to a medical design.

View Calmes Cannabis WordPress Theme

The7 – Premium WordPress Theme For Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Marijuana Dispensary CBD Theme

If you offer Cannabis shop alternative medicine, the The7 theme is best for you as you will get a prebuilt dummy website. You can fully customise your recreational medicine store with more than 30 bespoke widgets offered by this theme.

Whether a beginner or a pro, you can use the numerous customization options available in the The7 theme to make your website stand out. The7 is WooCommerce compatible and has a dummy website for selling medical cannabis through which you can get them with a few clicks.

The Elementor page builder will allow you to mix, match and create custom product pages, shopping carts, checkout, and more! The theme incorporates plugins, which will make it easier for the users to navigate your website.

With a professional customer support team, you will get free lifetime updates accessible from a single interface. The marijuana dispensary created with this theme will allow customers to find the product they are looking for easily.

View The7 - Premium WordPress Theme

TheGem – Premium WordPress Theme For Medical Marijuana Website

Medical Marijuana Theme For CBD Selling Website

TheGem is a theme perfect for stores selling recreational medicine and does not require you to know any coding. The theme has a pre-built CBD dispensary demo, which can be imported into your WordPress website in minutes.

With eight navigation settings and flexible page layouts, you can create the store of your dreams with your creativity and make an eye-catching website. Still, you get creative freedom with TheGem as the many features of the theme help you design your website the way you like.

The team of experts at TheGem has conducted extensive research on the leading CBD websites to help users develop the best CBD oil website. TheGem emphasises only addons & features which are necessary for creating a different, exclusive website or store, thus decreasing the plugin’s reliance & enhancing the code.

TheGem is optimised for compatibility with the most prevalent plugins and comes with the option to choose from two-page builders: WPBakery and Elementor. Laced with unlimited colors for design and content elements, the theme can be used as a multipage or a one-page website.

View TheGem - Premium WordPress Theme

Salient – Premium WordPress Theme

Cannabis Web Design | Cude Design

The great thing about WordPress is the number of available themes. Choosing a WordPress theme built for the CBD industry is perfect if you want to keep costs low and are keen to set up the website. However, the themes mentioned above might not be what you are looking for.

Recently we used the Salient WordPress theme to create a website selling CBD Oil for the CBD Supplier. We specialise in building websites using premium themes and bespoke websites built on WordPress. Because of our extensive experience with themes, we understand how they can be manipulated. We have several ‘go-to’ themes that we are very familiar with and offer numerous customisation options when building.

Whether you are looking to launch an online CBD store, or you are looking to launch one product and need a converting sales page, I am sure we can use our experience in WordPress and the CBD industry to help launch your online business.

Need help setting up your CBD website? Get in touch with us here.

View Salient - Premium WordPress Theme

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