Last month we added the ‘World Carp Classic’ to our portfolio. It has been arguably one of our biggest projects. We began the project in May and it was in quite a unique position. Having originally been at the address of ‘’ it had been hacked and our clients were unable to rescue it. Because of this they created a new website at the parent domain ‘’. In turn this created thousands of crawl errors and they were less impressed with the website which would take them into their 15th anniversary event.

Upon analysing the website it was clear it was not being used to its full potential. With a healthy hit rate, users were unlikely to visit more than one page. Because of this we wanted to simplify the navigation and clean up the website as we believed the original version had become messy.

Having completed the website in early August we waited a month to analyse the date to see if we had improved the websites statistics. To make it easy to understand we have created a colourful infographic for you to view! Click on the picture to the right to see our outstanding results!

World Carp Classic Infographic

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