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Accepting payments with Viva Wallet terminals and paying for corporate expenses online is a quick, painless process. From signup to delivery and activation, it only takes five days to get started with Viva Wallet terminals and debit cards.

What Gets Delivered?

Part 1 – The New Card Terminal (PAX A920 Android)

With the PAX A920, you get a full-featured, future-proofed card terminal. It’s elegant, efficient and has everything you need to be able to take payments seamlessly. Some of the features that the PAX A920 offers include:

    • A fast processor so taking payments is never delayed
    • A five-inch touch screen
    • A five-megapixel camera that scans bar codes quickly and accurately
    • A long-lasting lithium battery so your terminal doesn’t suddenly power down midway through a transaction
    • Wi-Fi connectivity (and it can hotspot)
    • A SIM card slot that compatible with any mobile networks over 3G
    • SMS receipts to save on paper
    • Contactless support for fast customer checkout
    • State of the art security that will keep both you and your customers safe
    • The ability to accept all major cards

Part 2 – Corporate and Pre-Paid Debit Cards

The debit card offering from Viva Wallet is really suited to the way that modern businesses operate because it’s available for both companies and employees to pay for corporate expenses.

With a reloadable chip and PIN and contactless plastic prepaid debit card from Viva Wallet, you have access to a payment solution that is:

  • Accepted globally – wherever MasterCard is accepted
  • Flexible – you can create a hierarchy of multiple corporate cards according to what you need and set the card limit per card
  • Transparent – there are no hidden charges
  • Can be used for all corporate expenses including payments and disbursements

How Do You Get Activated?

Here’s where it can get a bit tricky and unnecessarily complicated when dealing with financial institutions. Activating terminals and cards should be straightforward, but how does it work with Viva Wallet?

Terminal Activation

Viva Wallet has streamlined the whole process of terminal activation. If you follow their simple four-step process, from start to finish, the process takes a couple of minutes, and you can immediately start taking payments.

To get a terminal and activate it, you simply need to:

Step 1 – Order your card terminal

Place your order with the Viva Wallet sales team, and your card terminals will be delivered within five days.

Step 2 – Get instant online activation

With Viva Wallet, you just need to pair the terminal with your Viva Business Account. That’s it. Done. Within a couple of minutes, the card terminal will be active.

Step 3 – Accept payments

Viva Wallet’s terminals accept all major cards and payment methods efficiently and securely.

Step 4 – Enjoy next-day settlement

With many other payment merchants, transactions are only settled a week or more after the payment is received. But with Viva Wallet, all successful transactions are available in your Viva Wallet account the next working day after the payment has been received.

If you use your debit card for corporate expenses, you can get your acceptance fees down to 0%. To access this benefit, your business needs to accept payments via your card terminal or online, then use your debit card to spend funds, and Viva Wallet will set the acceptance fees to zero for the corresponding amount up to 100% of the card acceptance fees that Viva Wallet charges for accepting payments.

* During the activation process, Viva Wallet may require additional information in order to make the account active.

Company Debit Card Activation

Card activation is even simpler than activating a Viva Wallet terminal. After the card arrives, all you need to do is log into your account, select “Activate Card”, enter the last four card digits and the activation code. That’s it. Once you confirm the activation code, the card will be active and ready for use.

Getting started with Viva Wallet terminals and debit cards couldn’t be simpler. Delivery only takes five days, and the activation of both terminals and debit cards takes a couple of minutes. Once your terminals and cards are active, you can immediately begin accepting payments and paying for expenses.

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